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Get to know Sortsy

Simple. Local. Sorted.

Who is Sortsy for?

Sortsy is designed with local businesses and local communities in mind.

Sortsy for Everyday Life

For the general user, Sortsy provide a simple point interface with local businesses, allowing you to access specific promotions, offers and make appointments where necessary.

  • Find and compare specific business near you
  • Access unique promotions and offers: Search or sign up with specific businesses so they can let you know when promotions pop up and discounts are available.
  • Running late? Plans changed? Update your appointments directly in Sortsy 24/7. All your updates are instantly shared with the relevant business
  • Provide feedback and read your friends reviews. A fantastic way to access the best service and products and support your local businesses
  • Whatever you need, from a plumber to a nail technician, a physio to joining a Spin class, Sortsy provides you with available local businesses that meet your requirements in real-time. No more nationwide search results - we're keeping it local.
  • Sound good? It gets better... Sortsy is completely free to use, registration takes just a few minutes and you can sign in with your favourite social network if you prefer.

Get Sortsy, Get Sorted.


Get Sortsy, Get Sorted.


Sortsy for Business

Sortsy allows local businesses to engage with their local and wider communities and manage appointments, promotions and communications with their customers directly from one simple portal.
The Sortsy business portal makes customer and promotions management simple with tools including:

  • Diary Manager: See your agenda for the coming days, weeks and months. Allow customers to book slots directly or manage the diary yourself, designed with complete flexibility to support your business needs
  • Contact Manager: Send messages directly to matched customers,
  • Inbox alerts: Get instant notifications from people near you looking for a specific service
  • Promotions and offers: Create promotions and special offers which appear on your free business profile. Send promotion notifications out to your previous customers, grow their loyalty by rewarding with unique discounts and offers.
  • Maintain real time awareness. No more surprises when you go into the office, no more need to access different applications, Sortsy brings all your business needs to the device of your choice.

Sound good? It gets better... Sortsy for Business is currently completely free to use with optional business upgrades available. Business users can setup their account in minutes, with no necessary expenditure, what do you have to lose? Get sorted today, Get Sortsy.

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Get Sortsy, Get Sorted.