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What can we 'get sorted' for you today?

Finding Companies, Getting Quotes and Booking Services is simple with Sortsy

There are four ways to connect

1. Use the search tool and simply enter the details of the business, service and location you are interested in.

2. Browse the Sortsy Business Directory by location, handy if you are lookin to identify businesses near you with current offers and promotions.


3. Browse the market place by specific business types, great if you are looking to find the best deals and offers from a wider selection of businesses.


4. Register and request quotes and comparisons from multiple businesses near you, the best way to Get Sortsy.

5. Follow the simple steps to complete your business profile. Don't worry if you don't have all the information to hand, you can always fill in the gaps later.

Get Sortsy, Get Sorted.


What are the benefits of using Sortsy

Get Sortsy

  • 24/7 online booking
  • Live availability instantly from a multiple of businesses and services
  • Access to promotions and offers
  • Add your favourite businesses and services
  • Follow your favourite businesses/activities via dedicated feeds
  • Private messaging between your chosen businesses and services
  • Automatic recommendations and reviews between friends
  • Manage all your activities and services through one site
  • Receive reminders for appointments

Get Sortsy for Business

  • Complimentary online profile
  • 24/7 online diary/notifications
  • Keep your clients up to date with latest offers/promotions and news via a dedicated feed
  • Instant offers and promotions creation
  • Private messaging between clients
  • Share feeds/news & promotions instantly across other social media platforms

Get Sortsy, Get Sorted.