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Business listed under Burst Pipe

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  1. All About Drains Ltd 0 0

    Less than 0.01 miles from your current location. We are a family run, midlothian-based company who specialise in all aspects of drainage and excavation works. We know drains inside-out. For over 15 years we have been installing and repairing drains. We know that a blocked drain can happen at anytime, day or night, causing disruption and damage to your premises from overflowing external drain covers or even worse, indoors from the toilets and sinks. We unblock drains/toilets/sinks as quickly and efficiently as possible limiting the time of disc
    Bilston Roslin, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH25 9SL

  2. Conan Sharman Plumbing and Maintenance 0 0

    Less than 0.01 miles from your current location. Conan sharman qualified as a plumber in june 1996 after a 5 year apprenticeship with john bean plumbing in durban, south africa. He subsequently set up his own business, which he ran successfully for a year. A year down the line however, his career path took a different direction, as the talented sportsman was given the opportunity to further his rugby career, and was offered a professional contract with london scottish fc, thanks to a british passport acquired through his aberdeen-born father.
    Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH13 9PJ