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Frequently Asked Questions

Sortsy is packed with features, in this section we explain how to use each module and tool to get the maximum benefit from Sortsy.

Straight Talking Guides, making Sortsy Simple

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Getting Started with Sortsy


Sortsy User Modules and Applications


Sortsy Business Modules and Applications


Sortsy is a comprehensive B2C networking tool packed with great modules and features, you can discover more about how Sortsy here In our Frequently Asked Questions, we provide user guides, instructions and information about each of those tools. In addition we provide answers to common questions we receive. If you cannot find the information you need, please get in touch.

How to Register with Sortsy

Sortsy has 2 different types of accounts:

  1. General User: An individual who uses Sortsy to locate local businesses, offers, promotions and events and share / connect with local businesses and their local community and friends.
  2. Business User: An individual or group of people who work for a registered business. Each user represents their company and published information about their company including promotions, offers and events, they also communicate directly with clients and update diary events, attendance information etc.

Read the full guide on how to create an account on Sortsy.