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How to create an account on Sortsy

Sortsy has 2 different types of accounts:

  1. General User: An individual who uses Sortsy to locate local businesses, offers, promotions and events and share / connect with local businesses and their local community and friends.
  2. Business User: An individual or group of people who work for a registered business. Each user represents their company and published information about their company including promotions, offers and events, they also communicate directly with clients and update diary events, attendance information etc.

Sortsy Registration Process

All users (Business and General) follow the same initial registration process. On completion, a general user can change their account to a business user by either adding a new business or by accepting an invite from the business profile owner on Sortsy.

General User Registration Process (Direct Registration)

  1. Click on Register to visit the Sortsy Registration Page
  2. Complete the necessary information on the registration page
  3. Click on Check Registration form
    1. If the Registration Form has errors: A message will appear asking you to make specific corrections
    2. If the Registration Form is Correct: An account will be created and an email will be sent to the email address you used during the registration process
  4. Locate the email we sent you during the registration process. Ensure you check your Spam, Clutter and Junk email boxes if the email does not appear in your inbox. The most common enquiry we get is from new uses who do not check.
  5. Click on the email confirmation link in the email we sent
  6. You will be taken to a confirmation portal where your new Sortsy account will be confirmed
  7. You will now receive a second email from us. This contains important information about Sortsy and details the steps and recommendations to complete your profile on Sortsy.

General User Registration Process (Social Media)

You can register with Sortsy using your favourite social network. To register using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google:

  1. Click on Log on / Sign in
  2. Click on the icon that represents the social media platform you wish to use
  3. A window will appear asking you to grant access to your login details
  4. When you grant access to Sortsy, you will be directed back to the Sortsy application
  5. Your account will be created and you can access Sortsy at any time by clicking on the social Media icon on the login window

Business User Registration Process

  1. Complete the General user registration process (either Direct Registration or Social Media Registration)
  2. Access your profile
  3. Click on 'Add My Business'
  4. Complete the Business Registration information
  5. Your Business profile will now be created
  6. Once verified, you can access the Business Tools and Applications on Sortsy

Related Questions

  • Verify My Email

    Q. When I try to login to Sortsy I get a message saying that I need to verify my email, what does this mean?

    A. During the registration process for Sortsy you are required to verify your email address. We sent you an email with a link which must be clicked to confirm you are the rightful owner of the email. Occasionally the confirmation email will go into your Spam folder or Clutter folder. Please check your emails and click on the verification link. If you are unable to locate the email, please contact Sortsy Technical Support Team.

  • Social Network Registration Data and Information

    Q. What information is stored on Sortsy when I register using a social network?

    A. When you register on Sortsy using a social network interface we exchange secure information (using OAuth) which allows us to view information which you permit to create a a profile on Sortsy for you. during that secure exchange of information, we retain the following information, all of which you can edit, to build your account:

    1: Forename Your first name, used to create a username, annotate your forename and produce a dummy email

    2: Surname Your first name, used to create a username, annotate your forename and produce a dummy email

    3: ID A unique identifier (typically a mixture of random numbers, letters and characters) used to identify you when accessing Sortsy in the future

    4: Secure session ID (x2) 2 unique codes that allows you to sign in to Sortsy whenever you wish using your favorite social network. Note this is renewed every time you sign in to Sortsy to ensure your account is secure.

    NOTE: We do not use your default social media email address. You can add this to your account or add a separate email once registered, see 'Setup my account after Registering via Social Media' in

  • Setup my account after Registering via Social Media

    Q. I have just registered using Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google, what should I do now?

    During the social network registration process, we automatically create default information for your profile. You can leave these defaults as they are but you should edit the information if you want to make full use of the application(s) and tools at Sortsy. We suggest you check and edit the following information (found in your Profile under 'General Account Settings')

    1: Password - Create a Password that allows you to login directly to Sortsy

    2: Username - We created a default Username for you but you change this to one you prefer. Note you will need your username and password above if you want to sign in to Sortsy directly (without using social media log in)

    3: Name - We migrated your Forename and Surname during registration but we suggest you confirm they are correct

    4: Contact - We created a dummy email for you, we recommend you update this to your actual email so that you can send yourself reports / calculations and receive any update notifications (see Notifications below)

    5: Location - Specify the default location that we should use in Sortsy applications and calculations

    9: Notifications - Initially set so that you don't receive any notifications from us (other than technical updates). Change these to reflect how and when you would like us to contact you.

  • How to register using Facebook (or Twitter, LinkedIn, Google etc.)

    Q. Can I register on Sortsy using my Facebook Profile? (or other socail network)

    A. Yes, the registration process for Sortsy allows you to register by using your Facebook Login details and other supported social networks This example explains the procedure for Facebook users of Sortsy but the process is very similar for the majority of social networks. You can sign in to Sortsy by following the instructions below.

    1: Click on 'Log On',

    2: When the log in window appear, click on the Facebook icon.

    3: A popup window will appear where:

    3a: [If you are logged in to Facebook] you will be asked to confirm you allow Sortsy to use your Facebook details to create a profile on Sortsy

    3b: [If you are not logged in to Facebook] you will be asked to sign in to Facebook. Once you have signed in, you will be asked to confirm you allow Sortsy to use your Facebook details to create a profile on Sortsy

    4: Once you have granted access for https://www.sortsy.uk, the popup window will disappear, your profile will be automatically generated and you will be automatically logged in to your new account.

    5: Once logged in, we recommend that you follow the advice above 'Setup my account after Registering via Social Media' go to your profile page and choose your own username (we automatically created one for you during the account setup process)