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Sortsy for Business

If you're a business, Sortsy makes finding customers & growing your business
really simple without paying for leads or paying commission.

Getting started with Sortsy is simple

Add your business in 3 steps

1. Create your free account using our secure online portal. If you prefer connect and create an accountusing Facebook, Google, Twitter on LinkedIn.

2. Sign in, access your account and click on 'Add my Business'. You will need business formation information and authority from the business owner(s).

3. Follow the simple steps to complete your business profile. Don't worry if you dont have all the information to hand, you can always fill in the gaps later.

Get Sortsy, Get Sorted.


What are the business benefits of using Sortsy

Sortsy provides business with a a direct means of engaging with existing and new customers and managing jobs, diaries, promotions, communications and networks directly from your mobile, tablet ad or desktop. Sortsy doesn't require any software installation, you dont even need to buy the app. Sortsy will work directly through your favourite browser.


It costs less to work with Sortsy
Sortsy is Simple. It's a fuss-free platform allowing your business to generate more jobs with no lead buying, budgeting for commission, or pesky paid-for-job alerts. We let you see all business opportunities in your area and pitch for those projects.


Get alerts on local business opportunities in real-time
Sortsy uses your location to connect you with customers in need in real-time - if a customer has an urgent job, relevant experts receive an ASAP alert, giving you and your team the opportunity to book a job that otherwise could have slipped under the radar.


Promote your business to a local audience 24/7
Sortsy helps you promote, grow and manage your business online, putting you in front of a local, relevant audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a suite of tools that makes managing your customers simple and efficient.

Get Sortsy, Get Sorted.